Trees Are Like Us!

Trees are like us: complex, sensitive, and highly spiritual living beings. Perhaps nothing else is as representative of the living energy of nature and Mother Earth as a tree. The folklore attributed to a particular tree reflects the symbolism ascribed to it by our ancestors, who worshipped trees as living totems of life’s mysterious cycles and seasons. Not only did trees represent spirituality to them, but they provided a vast resource for ancient peoples—food, shade, and medicine, as well as wood for eating utensils, weapons, homes, warmth, cooking, even art.

Trees exude elemental wisdom that is available to us on the psychic plane whether we are aware of it or not. They are benevolent beings who like to share their deep sense of peace with those who are in harmony with nature and its spirits, and sometimes they’ll even advise someone who’s in trouble. One of my first psychic experiences occurred when I was a young rock-and-roll musician and caught up in the unhealthy habits that kind of work environment all too often reinforces. I was driving behind a giant tree-moving truck that was slowly transporting an enormous tree in its gargantuan metal spades, which had mercilessly cut through this venerable tree’s roots and lifted it out of its birthplace. I tried to send positive thoughts of support and healing to what I thought was a great being in distress and was amazed to hear in my psychic perception, as clearly as if it was coming from a person sitting next to me, the words “I’m fine; it’s you I’m worried about!” I was truly astounded and cleaned up my act a few months later (old habits die hard).

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