Vineyard 48: My Kind of Place

Wine tasting can intimidate a lot of people, especially young people. It seems like many twenty-somethings don’t know how to appreciate a good glass of wine; they kind of just drink to get intoxicated. Learning what you like and navigating your way through all the different kind of wines out there can be confusing, and even frustrating. At Vineyard 48 in Cutchogue, the atmosphere they create is ideal for the young and people who feel uncomfortable about wine because they are not experts in the field (no pun intended).

When you pull into the vineyard on a Saturday or Sunday there will most likely be numerous limos and loud music. At the front door you are greeted with four tokens for wine tasting, which costs $10. If you like what you taste, then you can buy a glass. There are three white tents set up, two of which have a wine tasting area and the other is larger and has picnic tables. The DJ plays up-to-date music from 11:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and there are people dancing the entire time.

There are 12 wines for tasting and they range from refreshing to robust in flavor.

To start off there was a red and white table wine; the red was tannic and mostly made of Bordeaux and the white was sweet and fruity. The two wines that would be perfect on a hot summer’s day are the Peach NoFo, which is slightly sweet with a delightful peach flavor, and the Sauvignon Blanc, which is lemony with a crisp finish. If you need a few wines to pair with barbequed foods, the Riesling or ’09 Chardonnay Reserve would go well with chicken because they are not too dry, but have some body. The ’05 Merlot Reserve and the Cabernet Sauvignon would be great with steak or ribs; the Cabernet is lighter and fruitier, whereas the Merlot Reserve is strong and has a full grape flavor that can stand up to heavier foods.

In addition to all of Vineyard 48’s fabulous wines, they also make the most delicious sangria! Not only is it fruity and sweet, but it is also frozen, which basically makes it a wine slushy; be careful because it is extremely addictive and before you know it you could be seeing double. At the entrance to the tasting area there is a little cigar shop, which is a huge hit with the guys, and some girls; you cannot turn around in the place without seeing someone with a cigar in one hand and a tasting cup in the other.

So, if you are of age and want to take a trip with friends to the North Fork to experiment with some wine without feeling stuffy, Vineyard 48 is the perfect place to go. It has a laidback vibe, but you should still try to look your best.

Why not have a little fun while learning about wine?


Vineyard 48,18910 Middle Road 48 Cutchogue, 631-734-5200,

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