Front Yard Pool Is Given A “Thumbs Up” By The Southampton ZBA

Last night Bridgehampton homeowner Janet Finkel, who lives on Hildreth avenue was granted a variance to build a swimming pool and deck in her front yard. The vote by the Southampton ZBA was won in a 4-3 ruling.

Southampton is well known for not allowing front yard pools on private homes, but the variance was granted to the homeowner Janet Finkel because wetlands surround the home, making pool construction impossible other than the front yard.

This has been a three-year process for Ms. Finkel, who is now allowed to build a 14-foot-by-28 foot pool in her front yard so long as she plants 10 to 12 foot Cypress hedges go hide the pool from the road.

What do you think Hamptonites? Was this a good decision?

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