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Quogue and Wainscott Are Looking Into Oceanfront Tax District

Home owners that live on the ocean in Sagaponack, Bridgehampton and Water Mill are being joined by oceanfront owners in Quogue and Wainscott in an effort to create funding to battle beach erosion.

In Sagaponack, Bridgehampton and Water Mill, a project that will replesnish the beaches with sand is going to cost and estimated $24 million, however 90 percent of that cost will be covered by the oceanfront tax district known as the erosion control districts.

The idea to raise funding to battle beach erosion in Quogue began in 2010 after $100,000 was raised by oceanfront homeowners to create a plan on how to restore beaches on Dune Road.

If the local Government approves the permits, then the group will begin to explore tax options to pay for the work to be done, with the oceanfront homeowners paying a higher share of the taxes. The proposed project would have 1.5 million tons of sand pumped from the ocean and onto the beach.

The total cost of the project is unknown.

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