Art-Inspiring Mermaids Swimming into Riverhead

The Mermaids are coming to Riverhead! And Michael Mahon and Danielle Gisiger, owners of  the eclectic lifestyle store 73MAIN in Riverhead, couldn’t be happier.

Known for selling fashion jewelery, handbags, scarves and clothing as well as furniture, 73MAIN will also be home to a vibrant and engaging art showMermaids: A Soiree With Paintings And Flags From Haiti”—beginning this Saturday. 

“This is our first art event and it’s something that we’d like to do every month,” Michael Mahon says regarding the event, a showcase of Haitian art—both paintings and flags—curated by Veronique Fischetti. “I wanted to do something that was strong and that had a lot of character.”

The artists featured at the show are Myrlande Constant, Eviland Lalanne, Maxon Scylla, Yves Telemak, Edgar, Nocent, Amina Simeon, Gerard Fortune, Pierre Augustin, Veronique Leriche Fischetti and James Fischetti, all of whom have created paintings dedicated to the mermaid. In the South American tradition, the mermaid is a very strong symbol, and it is said there that if can find a mermaid’s mirror, it brings you very good luck.

“It’s part of the their belief system, and the different artists that we have for this show believe in mermaids as well,” Michael explains. “I really like this art.”

Michael, who has a deep connection to art in many forms, decided to put on a show in Riverhead after recognizing the importance of supporting art in his community. “I think that if you have a store, and have a space, you should have an art event. People really enjoy it, I’m very pro art. My brother and my sister are both painters, and all my life I’ve been surrounded by art and artists, and if you don’t promote it and tell people about it, then nothing happens. So creating an awareness for art is extremely important to me.”

Mermaids: A Soiree With Paintings And Flags From Haiti”opens Saturday, October 27, 5 to 7 p.m., at 73MAIN, 73 Main Street, Riverhead, NY. Call 631-591-1967 for more information. 


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