Refurbished Building Opens At The Big Duck In Flanders, Toilet Included

The Big Duck

Town officials and the Friends of the Big Duck gathered together on Thursday to officially open a new restroom facility at the Big Duck Ranch in Flanders.  The two restrooms—one for men, one for women—are housed in a refurbished building original to the Big Duck Ranch property. The last known use of the building was as a sandwich shop some 25 years ago.


The project is the most recent in a string of improvements to the Town-owned park property adjacent to the Big Duck, including the restoration of the Brooder Barn, updated signage and lighting, two new picnic tables, and enhanced landscaping and plantings.  One of three historical structures on the property, the building that houses the new restrooms has been renovated with the latest sustainable, energy efficient fixtures and lighting.


“Thanks to the help of the community, and in particular, the Friends of the Big Duck, over these past few years the Big Duck Ranch property has been greatly restored to reflect the rich heritage and history of Flanders, while also providing a public grounds that residents and visitors can utilize and enjoy,” said Councilman Chris Nuzzi, liaison to the Parks Department.


“We’ve been working for the past five years to help raise funds for improvements at the Big Duck,” added Fran Cobb, President of the Friends of the Big Duck. “We’re happy to see the restroom project completed and are looking forward to continuing to help further enhance the property.”


Dating back to 1931, The Big Duck is an iconic piece of Americana and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Since the Big Duck was relocated back to Flanders in 2007, Southampton Town has been working in collaboration with the County, State, and the Friends of the Big Duck to revitalize the Big Duck Ranch property. A popular tourist destination, the property also serves as a gathering place for various community events.  The addition of restrooms will help accommodate the thousands of tourists and local residents who visit the Big Duck Ranch each year.

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