The Way of Collage

Every time I make a work of art, I am ready for a new adventure.  I have developed my own artform:  mixed media fabric collage tapestries. I feature my tapestries in the many books & tools I have created with my husband, author Monte Farber, as  well as on my Spiritual Couture one-of-a-kind jackets that I sell exclusively through Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.

Collage is a very therapeutic technique because it is a creative and spontaneous process; it allows me to be open to my soul language, to imagine the way I would like things to be.  When we develop our abilities to visualize, we can achieve many goals, we can create our own reality.

As I make the many decisions of placement, and balance by intuitively adding and eliminating elements, my decision-making muscles are strengthened on a daily basis.  By trusting and connecting to my “dream world” of metaphors & symbols, I draw up answers and revelations from the well of the unconscious.  That is why I love to make art all the time, because it is such a spiritual journey.  And its fun, too!

We all have an Artist within us yearning to express the feelings, language, and teachings that touch our soul and mirror back images that can heal us at every stage of growth.  If not expressed, the Inner Artist shuts down, and our spiritual natures shut down as well.

True creativity is arrived at by following a disciplined psychological and spiritual path.  Being creative entails the liberation of your “dream” and the ultimate realization of its delights.  To walk the creative path, though, one must be tenacious and heroic.

Art, writing, and other creative outlets are a way of talking to our Higher Selves.  By actualizing your creativity, you become spiritual.  If everyone is creative, then we live in paradise.  I believe we all have special gifts to share.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons Number 1 Fashion blogger and designer

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