Barack Obama Would Have Made An AWESOME High School Football Coach

President Barack Obama White House official portrait

I don’t know about you, but last night when I watched Barack Obama’s victory speech I was ready to tackle somebody on the football field. The man knows how to give a good speech. There are about three speeches in the world that pump me up. The first one is the speech at the end of Independence Day, the second one is the speech given at the end of Armageddon, and the last one is the speech in the movie Any Given Sunday.

Barack Obama’s victory speech, especially the very end, is now on the list. I wouldn’t be surprised if football teams start playing it before games.

Can you imagine if Barack Obama was a high school football coach and you were a high school kid on his team? It would be epic. The team would never lose. You’d be a ball of intensity.

I stayed up the entire evening last night, and watching his speech live was worth it. The guy can get you motivated.

You decide, which speech is better?


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