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North Fork Restaurant Review: Soundview

The North Fork of Long Island is full of beautiful attractions and I’ve just discovered a jewel nestled there on the banks of the Long Island Sound. Soundview Restaurant & Lounge is fine dining at its very best, with first-class cuisine prepared from ingredients so fresh you can’t help but notice, and stunning views of the Sound. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the beauty of nature to be on display for all of Soundview’s guests.

The menu leans towards the freshest seafood that can be found. We started our meal off with shrimp cocktail and flash-fried calamari. The shrimp were huge and deliciously fresh—I can tell when I bite into one and feel that satisfying crunch, the meat tender and tasting of the freshness of the sea. As a lover of fried calamari, I couldn’t wait to try Soundview’s flash-fried version—and I wasn’t disappointed. The calamari came out piping hot and my first bite sent me into foodie heaven. Light, delectably crisp and tender at the same time, the calamari was cooked to perfection and tasted divine.

Next we were treated to a delicacy I still find myself telling people about—Long Island Sound Bay Scallops. Rachael, the restaurant’s upbeat and friendly manager, told me I simply had to have some as they were just caught that morning. She had them sent out two ways for us to try—sautéed with butter and herbs and, of course, fried. Now, scallops wouldn’t usually be my first choice on a menu, but these bay scallops seemed to be like tiny pieces of perfection sent from Poseidon himself for us land-dwellers to enjoy. They were so small you could pop them in your mouth, and the meat was so incredibly tender and sweet. The chefs at Soundview know how to showcase and amplify the flavor of this delicacy from the sea. The sautéed scallops almost melted in my mouth and the fried version was just as delicious—if not more so—than my calamari appetizer.

For dinner my hubby decided to remain on land and chose Soundview’s Grilled Shell Steak, served with mashed potatoes, veggies and the most adorably delicious frizzled onions. His steak was cooked perfectly medium-well, just the way he likes it, and one tender, juicy bite confirmed that Soundview’s chefs know what they’re doing. The mashed potatoes were fresh and perfectly seasoned, and I just loved those little frizzled onions (that I kept stealing off
his plate!)

One dish caught my eye almost immediately—the Grilled Shrimp, Soundview’s playfully delicious take on shrimp scampi, Asian-style. The Shrimp are skewered and brushed with sesame oil, honey, ginger, garlic and soy sauce, then grilled to perfection. The smell wafting from the dish had my mouth watering, and the flavors all worked so well together, the sweetness from the honey perfectly balanced by the heat from the garlic and ginger, and the soy gave it that yummy Asian flavor. The shrimp were served over a bed of angel hair pasta which soaked up all the juices from the delectable shrimp, and wonderful freshly sautéed spinach with some garlic and olive oil. I was so impressed with this dish and it is definitely one I will be back for.

Well, you can’t have dinner without dessert, and the Soundview has even more tricks up their sleeves here. You can choose from favorites like a brownie sundae or cheesecake, but tonight they had a house special—Nancy’s Homemade Apple and Pecan Cake, drizzled with warm caramel sauce and  topped with a mound of vanilla ice cream. A perfect fall dessert, the apples were tender and sweet, the cake was moist and had hints of spices like cinnamon and vanilla. I love it when restaurants have specialty dessert items, because they typically feature the freshest local ingredients and this was definitely the case with this delicious apple cake.


The Soundview Restaurant & Lounge offers diners more than just a meal – it is truly an extraordinary dining experience, all while sitting alongside the majestic Long Island Sound. Soundview is located at 58775 Route 48 in Greenport. 631-477-0666,

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