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Countdown to the 12-21-12 Apocalypse: 9 Days Left

Still here? Sure, but for how long…

Yesterday we warned you that now might be a good time to drop everything and start living a little. After all, with each day we get closer to 12-21-12, we may be getting closer to the end the world, aka The Day to End All Days. And the apocalypse won’t be much fun, even here in the Hamptons, if you’ve done nothing but work and stress leading up to that moment when you’re folded into the fetal position as fire and brimstone rain down upon us.

So, you ask, is the end really coming? We’ve been gathering evidence each day, and for those who don’t believe Doomsday is closing in, consider this…

Those of us who live here know that the East End, including the Hamptons and the North Fork, is the greatest place to live in the world, yet CNBC.com eschewed our fine shores and villages on its 2012 list of “The World’s Best Places to Live.” Clearly something is amiss.

The East End is home to killer beaches, beautiful homes, a rotating cast of celebrities and an exciting and long history, including witch trials, baymen, whaling and even a few unique mysteries. Where else can you find monsters washed up on the beach and a world-renowned secret base rife with rumors of time travel, aliens, mind control and its very own hairy man-beast?

Certainly not in ViennaAustria—which has topped CNBC ‘s list since 2009—or second-place winner ZurichSwitzerland. Sure, Zurich is considered a global financial center, but how many multi-billion-dollar hedge fund managers actually live there?

Seriously, the end of the world is definitely in sight when Germany has three cities (Frankfurt placed 7th, Dusseldorf placed 6th and Munich placed 4th) in the top 10. Frankfurters, BMWs and hefeweizen are good, but they don’t make up for Germany’s love of Baywatch and David Hasselhoff, do they?

Check back tomorrow for our third installment of evidence that December 21, 2012 may be your last day on earth.

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