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Countdown to the 12-21-12 Apocalypse: 10 Days to Go

If you haven’t heard yet, the world is scheduled to end next Friday, December 21, 2012.

We’ve heard a lot of talk from naysayers and nonbelievers on this subject, so it might seem a bit reckless to quit your job, pull your retirement funds and run off to Vegas. But we have also conferred with the foremost Hamptons experts on Revelation, the Mayan Calendar and the Dawn of a New World Age, and we can say with absolute certainty that many signs are pointing toward the fact that just 10 days remain until Doomsday.   

Need proof?

Well, for the next 10 days we’re providing exactly that. The apocalypse is creeping closer by the hour.

Let’s begin.

It has always been assumed that Twinkies, the golden, cream-filled Hostess snack cakes, would outlast the human race. They certainly have enough delicious chemicals and preservatives to endure another ice age, but 2012 marked the end of Twinkie the Kid and all his snack-i-licious friends.

In fact, Hostessfinal delivery of Twinkies hit Chicago area supermarkets on Tuesday, December 11. The longtime bakery and confections company has closed its doors for good and Twinkies are officially a thing of the past.

Check back tomorrow for a second piece of irrefutable proof that December 21, 2012 will definitely be your last day on earth.

Twinkie the Kid Isn't Done Yet
Vintage Don Duga production art for Hostess
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