A Blue Man Group Guy Is Also a Montauk Guy? What?

You may know Matt Goldman as the guy who was one of the founders of the Blue Man Group. You may know the Blue Man Group as the craziest thing you’ve ever watched on stage. And you may be surprised to hear that Matt Goldman is a Montauk real estate investor.

I didn’t know either until today.

But apparently Matt is selling a three-acre waterfront parcel just down the street from Gurney’s Inn that he is invested in with his neighbor for $12.5 million.

I just have one question about this entire tidbit of real estate news, HOW IN THE WORLD DID I NOT KNOW THAT A BLUE MAN LIVES IN MONTAUK?

One would think that Goldman would be a well known guy out here, especially if he’s an active real estate investor. But when I first read his name, I assumed he was related to somebody at Goldman Sachs.

The Blue Man Group is AWESOME!!! Goldman should bring it to Bay Street, Guild Hall or WHPAC!

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