Chef Keith Luce Kickstarts Artisan Meat Operation

Keith Luce
Keith Luce

Raise a glass! North Fork chef Keith Luce exceeded his Kickstarter goal of $50,000 to create a farm to table in-house charcuterie operation called North Fork Market Artisan Curing.

At 5 p.m. on Monday, Luce completed his Kickstarter campaign with $51,040 and 95 backers. The chef had only $18,118 raised with five days remaining in the campaign last Wednesday, but a flurry of local press and a final push from investors helped him make his dream a reality.

On March 4, Luce put out an end-run plea and one-time special incentive to the person that pledged the last $1,000 needed to reach his goal. The chef offered a five-course meal for four at his “soon to be announced North Fork restaurant,” and was just the ticket to get his campaign over its final hump.

Other backers received incentives, including “good karma, a better world and eternal gratitude,” boxed lunches, meats, meals and private cooking classes.

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