100 Songs of Summer: #98 “Live Your Life”

Isma Monfort

Summer in the Hamptons is all about the sand, the surf, the sunshine and the songs that give us a soundtrack for the most sensational of seasons. From those unforgettable tunes about summer, to others that simply evoke memories of summers past, we’re counting down the Top 100 Summer Songs of all time.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, every day brings a new song, and a new chance for you to let us know who you think should make the cut. Classic stars and one-hit wonders alike will show up on our list, and by the time we get to Labor Day Weekend, we’re sure that at least a few songs from the next few months will gain musical immortality.

Hamptons Song of Summer #98

“Live Your Life” by T.I. (featuring Rihanna)

Not every great summer song needs the word “summer” or “surfing” in the title or lyrics. From T.I.‘s 2008 smash hit Paper Trail, “Live Your Life” says exactly what the title implies—and isn’t that what summer is all about? With its anthemic chorus and catchy beat, this is as much a soundtrack for speeding along Napeague Stretch with the top down as it is for a late-night ride to your favorite East End club. Everyone will raise their hands and sing along. Every time.

Just live your life, hey

No tellin’ where it’ll take ya

Just live your life, oh

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