Finding Your Soulmate: Hamptons DOs and DON’Ts this Summer

Monte Farber Amy Zerner Soulmate Path

Here are my tips designed to ensure that you can find love in your life this summer:

DO listen actively to others, no matter what they are discussing. Even if it’s a chat with your mom, give her your time and full attention. This is great practice for interacting with new friends, including the soulmate who awaits you down the path.

DON’T bug your friends by bewailing your solo state. This is a sure path to boring, and potentially losing, the companions you have while doing nothing about meeting new people who share your interests.

DO enjoy simple pleasures. Purchase and arrange some flowers. Freshen up your bedding. Take a swim. Enjoy the freedom of making your own schedule.

DON’T forget that alone time will be more rare and require scheduling, once you have found your soulmate.

DO appreciate the present moment and live it fully.

DON’T allow unwanted thoughts to ruin the moment. Wear a rubber band on your wrist. When downbeat thoughts intrude, snap yourself back into the present moment by snapping the rubber band.

DO get out. Browse at your favorite bookstore, visit a museum or take a trip to the gym. Not only will these venues put you in the company of people who share your interests, but it’s a very good bet that some of the people you meet in these places are also un-partnered.

DON’T languish at home.

DON’T get drunk or otherwise stoned. That will only make it much easier to indulge in every DON’T on this list.

Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are the authors of The Soulmate Path: Find the Love You Want and Strengthen the Love You Have (Weiser Books).

Read here about Monte Farber, the Hamptons’ number one psychic.

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