Ovarian Cancer Advocate’s Mission Cut Short

Bonnie Gurwicz
Bonnie Gurwicz, Photo: LinkedIn

Bonnie Gurwicz, a producer, television host and board member of the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Southampton Hospital (CWC), succumbed to ovarian cancer on Saturday, May 25.

Gurwicz, who also worked as a life coach and motivational speaker, was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. She went through surgery and chemotherapy and shortly thereafter found the CWC, which she enjoyed enough to become an active member when her health improved. Once Gurwicz was well enough, she joined the board of the CWC and eventually spearheaded the CWC’s “Teal Reveal: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign” to spread the word about ovarian cancer and what the local CWC can do for ovarian cancer patients.

The campaign was kicked off on Thursday, May 16 with a lecture including a panel on which Gurwicz was to join Dr. Michael Pearl and Dr. Geri Schmitt—unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse and Gurwicz became too sick to attend.

“You don’t see a lot of ovarian cancer coalitions,” Dr. Pearl said at the lecture, “By the time most women are diagnosed, it’s at stage four. There are not a lot of survivors to organize a support network. This community is lucky to have the CWC in place.” Gurwicz was admitted into Lucia’s Room at Southampton Hospital, where she died.

“It’s with great shock and sadness that the CWC members mourn the loss of Bonnie,” the organization shared in a statement. “But, we’re not stopping now,” CWC president, Susie Barry Roden said. “Bonnie wants us to continue the mission and we’re more determined than ever to do so and honor her in the process.”

For more information on Bonnie Gurwicz see her LinkedIn Profile.

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