A Stolen Trophy from The Hampton Classic Listed on eBay Makes Its Way Home

Mary O’Connor, a Facebook user who discovered a stolen Hampton Classic Trophy on eBay and then told the Hampton Classic about it, is a local Internet hero.

Nobody is too sure how long ago a trophy from the Hampton Classic was stolen from a trophy closet at the Hampton Classic headquarters on Snake Hollow Road in Bridgehampton, but when the listing appearing on eBay May 15, some eyebrows were raised. It is possible that the trophy was stolen over 20 years ago, or it could have been stolen two months ago, nobody is too sure, since nobody noticed the trophy missing until it appeared in an eBay listing last month.


They should have added the word, HOT  in there.

Shanette Cohen, the Executive Director of the Hampton Classic, filed a police report when she realized that the trophy was in fact stolen.

The seller of the listing, unfortunately, does not appear to be the jerk that stole the trophy. When Shanette Cohen told the woman that the trophy had been stolen, the seller said that she bought the trophy at a yard sale and was considering an eBay bid for around $500, but once Shanette Cohen told her that it was illegal to sell stolen goods on E-Bay and filed the police report, the seller personally dropped off the trophy in Bridgehampton.

And so, the trophy is back, safe and sound, inside the trophy closet at the Hampton Classic. And somewhere out there, on the loose, is a sticky fingered criminal who had access to the trophy room at the Hampton Classic. And I’m guessing that he/she is shaking in his horse shoes as an investigation continues.

I’ve heard a few Hamptons police blotter whoppers in my day, but this one is certainly a classic.

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