Artist and Writers Game to Celebrate 65 Years

Artist's Vs. Writers invite
Artist's Vs. Writers invite

On August 17, artists and writers will play ball in the Hamptons for the 65th year. Game time is at 2 p.m., and batting practice starts at noon.

What began as a casual softball game amongst East End artists subsequently expanded to include writers, and the competitive game now draws internationally acclaimed artists, writers and celebrities to East Hampton each summer.

To commemorate the historic installment of one of the longest-running traditions on the East End, there will be a pre-game party at LTV Studio on August 16 and a celebratory show at Guild Hall from June 15 through July 28. The Guild Hall show, “ARTISTS & WRITERS: They Played in the Game,” will display artwork, books, photos and ephemera dating back to Willem deKooning and Franz Kline in the original 1948 game. The game will support four charities: East End Hospice, East Hampton Day Care Learning Center, the Phoenix House of Long Island and The Retreat.

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