GET TO THE CHOPPA!!! Uber App Is Offering $3,000 Rides Today To The Hamptons From Manhattan

Arnold Choppa
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Today and today only, Uber, the on-demand professional car service ordering system that uses an application on smartphones to order rides for customers, is offering flights out to the Hamptons for $3,000 that can accommodate up to five people. The service will fly you from their helipad in New York City to a helipad anywhere in the Hamptons, as well as a driver who will take you to wherever you want to go.

Normally a helicopter ride costs roughly $4,000 or more for that many people. So you know, it’s a great deal…I guess…I mean, let’s face it, you’re still gonna shell out a lot more than what it costs to ride the Hampton Jitney.

Still…if you are looking to seriously pimp out on a budget, this would be the day to do it. By the way, there is a cheaper way to go by air, you can use the sea plane with Sound Aircraft Service, which will have you in the Hamptons in 45 minutes for about $525 each way.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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