Hamptons Police Blotter: Range Rover Stolen, Softball Game Goes Awry

A stolen Range Rover, an angry call at the plate causes a rukus during a Shelter Island softball game and a stoner armed with pepper spray. Only in the Hamptons.

Stolen Range Rover 

A 2012 Range Rover was reported stolen from a driveway in East Hampton. The owner told police that he had come out to the Hamptons and that the car was packed with his summer clothes. Man, good thing it’s been too hot out—how many clothes do you really need?


Caught Again

A man in Southampton Village was pepper-sprayed after police pulled him over for erratic driving, only to learn that his license had been revoked four times and that he was on probation. When police arrested the man and tried to put him in the back seat of the squad car, he made a run for it, but officers were able to catch him on foot and brought him down using pepper spray. He was placed for a second time in the squad car and brought to jail. If this guy saw just ONE episode of COPS, he’d know not to do that.


More Than Pepper Spray 

Police in Southampton arrested a man who was in possession of pepper spray, a baton and marijuana. And in case you’re wondering, the pepper spray was not being used to spice up his Taco Bell burritos.


Shelter Island

Old Man McGumbus, 102 years old, current Grand Chairman of the Ancient Order of Shelter Island Noblemen, and former World War II tank gunner, was arrested last week for the illegal use of a baseball bat and destruction of property. McGumbus, during the championship game of senior softball on Shelter Island, became upset by a call at the plate by the umpire. In a brief moment of rage, McGumbus walked out into the parking lot carrying a metal baseball bat and smashed all of the windows and headlights of the umpire’s car. Police did not arrest McGumbus until the game was over, noting later that he’s a vital player to his team, The Shelter Island Bazookas. He went 3 for 4 with a single, a double and a homerun, and he took first base after being hit in the hip by a pitch. The Bazookas won the game 5 to 3 in extra innings.


Finished the Job

A house that caught fire in Amagansett
last week and was put out by the
Amagansett Fire Department needed to be doused again a few days later after the fire rekindled itself. When the fire was put out for a second time, firefighters remained extra cautious to make sure that the fire was, in fact, dead. Ever see that movie where the bad guy gets shot and then wakes up, only to be shot again by the good guy? It was one of those days for the AFD.

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