Hamptons Rich Guy Toy #34228: The WaterCar Panther

The WaterCar Panther
The WaterCar Panther. Photo: WaterCar.com

So you need a way to get around traffic but don’t want to fly a helicopter to the Hamptons because its just so darn inconvenient. Why not get yourself a WaterCar Panther?

Yup, this is a real thing. A VERY real thing.

WaterCar is the maker of the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle. The car can rapidly go from driving on the road to driving in the water, without having to make any changes to the the vehicle. It looks like a jeep, drives like a speed boat and is perfectly legal. The car can be purchased from WaterCar.com, the vehicles are powerful enough to tow a waterskier and they are safe and legal to drive on the highway.

Can you just imagine being stuck in traffic on Route 27 in Southampton and looking to get to Montauk while owning one of these things? All you’d have to do is turn off onto Inlet Road in Southampton, drive out into Cold Spring Harbor, flop your vehicle right into the sea, then zoom out East, head around Shelter Island, avoid the shoals at Gardiner’s Island, pull into Gosman’s, drive up back onto the road and zip over to your favorite restaurant for the day.


If anybody out there decides to purchase the Panther version of the WaterCar (I think it’s the coolest one) please, for the love of all things, e-mail me and take me for a spin.

What’s the bottom line on the cost of this bad boy? For a complete vehicle, the total cost of the WaterCar Panther is $135,000, which seems like a lot. But think about it for a second, it’s really an investment. You get a fully functional boat, a fully functioning car and do not have to pay for marina fees since you can just park it in your driveway. When you look at it that way, this thing is worth it.

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