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Jay McInerney Had a Pretty Cool Party Yesterday Inside the Bulova Building in Sag Harbor

Jay McInerney, noted author and wine authority, hosted a small gathering at Watchcase in Sag Harbor, which shed light on just how cool the luxury condos being built there are. Craig Wood from Cape Advisors, as well as Cee Scott Brown from Corcoran looked very happy with what they saw last night.

Craig Wood, Estelle Kelly
Craig Wood, Estelle Kelly

The old Bulova building really is alive and moving forward, and the party had a Brooklyn vibe to it, with the brick building currently under an extensive renovation, looking fresh and inspired. It’s amazing what a little investment and vision can do to a building that has literally been falling down as far back as I can remember. The building was constructed in 1881 but has suffered deterioration for decades. Today however, it is being restored by Beyer Blinder Belle, the architects behind the restoration of Grand Central Terminal and the U.S. Capitol, along with acclaimed interior designer Steven Gambrel. Elegantly and appropriately named now as Watchcase, it will be the Hamptons’ first resort-style luxury condominium development.

David and Rebecca Kronman
David and Rebecca Kronman

Jay McInerney said to me that, “I really like the people at Cape Advisors who are behind this project. It’s taken them a long, long time to make this place into what it needs to be and I’ve been fascinated by it. This building is such a beautiful relic of New England industrial architecture of the 19th century and we’ve all just been watching it deteriorate for many, many years. I’m just thrilled that it is finally working out.”

Me too.

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