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New England Thinstones is a company that manufactures and cuts stone harvested from the mountains, field and quarries of New England for the sole purpose of enhancing the beauty of one’s home. The stones themselves are used to provide a personalized and interesting touch to exterior gardens, walkways and paths and have even been used for the facades of homes. New England Thinstones has recently begun working on the East End of Long Island in order to provide their impressive product for luxurious Hamptons homes.

Michelle Morgado, a representative with New England Thinstones, took some time to chat about the product, the company and how the process works. “Real stone used to be so expensive, so people were using this concrete type of stone. The reason real stone was so expensive was because it was veneered and cut by hand, until we started taking stone and cutting it and applying it to different surfaces,” Morgado said.

“You can completely transform a room in 24 hours,” she added.

The way the process was explained to me sounded simple enough. The stones are cut in such a way that, by providing various colors and veneers to customers, the pieces fit together almost like a puzzle. The customer can choose to assemble the pieces however they like, using whatever kind of pattern they envision, because the stones are almost seamlessly placed together. “We do all the cutting in Connecticut, we have a small stone yard in Fairfield,” Morgado said.

The process is remarkably quick from placing an order to installation. “Four to five days is our average to cut it and have it delivered,” Morgado said. “From there, depending on the mason and planning, it’ll take the mason about a week or two to fully install an exterior. A fireplace or wall, something that’s prepared, could be done in a weekend. If you know how to tile, you can easily use our stone.”

Simplicity and rapid installation should come as a welcomed concept on the East End, as home remodeling and projects that drag on are typically a nightmare. With New England Thinstones’ product, the process seems streamlined tremendously. “This used to be a very expensive, very costly product, but now because we’ve been able to utilize stronger, thinner stone, we can get the product to an architect faster,” Morgado said. “It’s definitely a quick-fix with a high-end look to it. It’s not a shortcut, you’re not lessening the value of your home, it’s actually adding value because it’s real stone.”

New England Thinstones offers a wide variety of products from the rounded, mountainous look of Berkshire stones to the slightly more traditional-Oxford Blend. The company also maintains a large inventory in order to satisfy the demand of their clients. They even offer a “green” shipping option for those looking to leave a lessened carbon footprint by offering shipment in sturdy green plastic totes that can be used over and over.

Some of the stones used have been aged over 200 years, while others have been carved and shaped by Connecticut’s rolling shores. “We do a lot of face-to-faces with our dealers and clients, in order to provide better service,” Morgado said. “We just do a little bit better customer service and maintain control over our sourcing and inventory. We take the time to make sure we’re getting the best stone possible.”

“We have about 18 different kinds of stone with around four cuts per stone,” Morgado said. “We did a home in Bridgehampton, a pretty bit project, so we’re using a lot of different types of stone on that project, it’s really exciting. We’ve had entire homes built with our product. It’s really impressive. We’ve been met on the East End with a great, positive response. I’m constantly getting calls for estimates, it’s been great.”

Some people perceive thin stones as not being as “good” as the “real thing.” In the end, the only thing that’s really different is how much weight is being added to the home. New England Thinstones sells a product that looks fantastic, is easy to install and is versatile to any client’s specifications. “You’re getting more for your money, local companies are saving on freight, it’s a greener option, so the East End has been very receptive,” Morgado said.


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