Word Association with Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone Word Association
Paula Poundstone, baystreet.org

Legendary comedian and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me panelist Paula Poundstone is performing to a sold-out house at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Monday, August 19, and you can already hear the laughter.

In honor of her upcoming Hamptons appearance—the first in more than 10 years—Poundstone indulged us in a little word-association game.

We shot nine words at the comedian and she responded with her first word or thought for each. We learned she likes candy bars, vintage comedy and her Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me cast-mates, unless they’re cheating.

Here’s a look inside Paula Poundstone’s witty brain. (Click here to read more about the show, and Poundstone’s life and career)

1.The Hamptons – “Fancy”

2. Delicious – “3 Musketeers bars”

3. [WWDTM Judge and Scorekeeper] Karl Kasell – “When I think of Karl Kasell, I think of the news.”

4. [WWDTM Host] Peter Sagal – “His bewildered face when I throw his off his game on Wait Wait…

5. Politics – “Entertainment”

6. Radio – “A poorly used resource” (Poundstone further explained that commercial radio could find ways to be more entertaining.)

7. Funny – “Bob & Ray” (Radio comedy team from 1930s and 40s)

8. Mo Rocca – “Sweaters. He said once that handmade sweaters are too scratchy.” (A bunch of knitters came to the show to deliver sweaters after that comment.)

9. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me – “Delightful experience, if the others stop cheating.”

Paula Poundstone is appearing at Bay Street Theatre, 1 Bay Street, in Sag Harbor on Monday, August 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $62 for members, $69 for non-members. Call the box office at 631-725-9500 or visit baystreet.org.

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