Petition Urges Residents to Save CPI & Tide Runners

View of the canal from Tide Runners' deck
View of Shinnecock Canal from Tide Runners' deck, Photo:

A petition posted on the popular grassroots initiative website is urging residents to save the east side of the Shinnecock Canal, including popular restaurant and bar Tide Runners, from being transformed into town houses.

Developers Gregg and Mitchell Rechler have proposed building 40 townhouses on the east side of the canal while simultaneously renovating and restoring the historic Canoe Place Inn (CPI). Residents are torn on the development, as some see the project as a boon for the Hampton Bays historic district. The petition focuses on the argument that the housing complex will cut the east side of the canal off from public access. The developers say the townhouse plan will include a public area for anyone to walk down to the canal.

The petition, which had 860 supporters as of 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, reads as follows:

The Governor of NY
The NY State Senate
The NY State House
Anna Throne-Holst, Supervisor
Hon. Sundy A. Schermeyer, Town Clerk
Hon. James W. Malone, Southampton Councilman
Hon. Christopher R. Nuzzi, Southampton Councilman
Hon. Bridget Fleming, Southampton Councilwoman
Hon. Christine Preston Scalera, Southampton Councilwoman
Eric Shultz, Southampton Board of Trustees

I LIVE IN TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON AND I AM NOT NOT NOT in FAVOR OF THE PROPOSED MARITIME PLANNED DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT, WHICH WILL RESULT IN the DESTRUCTION of The EAST SIDE of the SHINNECOCK CANAL. Including the Restaurant now know as Tide Runners, 1 North Steak House, and White Water Anglers. I do NOT want TOWN HOMES Built on the East Side of the Canal.

I feel the Town of Southampton and Hampton Bays should preserve the East side of the Shinnecock Canal, I want to maintain the current zoning on the eastern side of the canal to allow for continued public access, and keep it as a Waterfront Restaurant and Shopping district for all locals and visitors to enjoy. The East Side of the Canal has over 90 years of History and Memories for thousands of Visitors and locals. It is a place that everyone should be able to enjoy. NOT just 40 Town Home owners. is the world’s largest petition platform, allowing people concerned about a particular issue to voice the need for action. On September 4, Southampton Town Councilwoman Bridget Fleming commented on the initiative, stating:

Dear Constituents, Thank you for forwarding me your thoughts on the CPI and Canal Properties MPDD project. It’s always valuable to hear from constituents on issues of importance. As you may know, the project is currently under consideration by the Town Board, and the public hearings which began on August 13, will continue on September 10th at 1:00 pm. I continue to support the rehabilitation of the Canoe Place Inn. I also understand that there are a number of aspects of the project that must be carefully considered in the Town Board’s deliberations on the proposal. I look forward to hearing input and feedback from the community during the continued public hearing process. Best regards, Councilwoman Bridget Fleming Town of Southampton

There will be another public hearing about this matter on October 22 at 6 p.m. at Southampton Town Hall.

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