Hamptons Spelling and Grammar: Southampton

Southampton is one word, with a single "h"
Southampton is one word, with a single "h"

Even though Southampton is written exactly the same way when referring to Southampton Town; Southampton Village; Southampton, Massachusetts; and Southampton, England; some Hamptons locals and visitors still manage to botch the spelling.

For those who know and care about the proper spelling, seeing “Southhampton,” “South Hampton,” or—the worst offender—”South Hamptons,” is  cringe inducing.

In New Hampshire there is, in fact, a place known as South Hampton. But there is no such place as the South Hamptons.

Incorrect: I live in South Hampton, an incorporated village in Southhampton, Town.
Correct: I live in Southampton, an incorporated village in Southampton Town.

Very incorrect: I am going to visit the South Hamptons this weekend.
Correct: I am going to visit Southampton this weekend.

Mix-ups between Southampton Village and Southampton Town are frequent. It is not uncommon for someone with a traffic ticket to show up to the village court rather than the town court. (It was more of a problem before the town court moved to Hampton Bays a couple years ago.) Southampton Town Hall is located in the village on Hampton Road, while Village Hall is located on Main Street.

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