Ninja Phone Helps Buy Billy Joel Tickets at the Paramount

Ninja Phone by SLICE Wireless Billy Joel
Ninja Phone by SLICE Wireless, Photo: Anirudh Koul, Graphic: Oliver Peterson

Hundreds if not thousands of Long Islanders were disappointed after tickets to Billy Joel’s October 16 performance at the Paramount in Huntington sold out in seconds. The small venue announced one day before the surprise show, but still it was nearly impossible for anyone to get tickets.

Anyone, that is, but those savvy consumers who opted into the new “Ninja Phone” package by area provider SLICE Wireless, which claims its new service gets an edge over phone call competition. According to SLICE rep Barry Wattanabe, the Ninja Phone cuts hold times and long phone waits in at least half by circumventing competing callers.

“No longer will you have to wait 25 minutes for tech support, or hours to report a power outage to LIPA during a storm,” Wattanabe said. “Our patented tech actually makes it possible to sneak right past other callers, slice through the virtual crowd and make contact almost immediately, every time,” the rep continued, adding, “We are a busy society and Ninja Phone saves time—the most precious of all our commodities.”

Hampton Bays resident Grant Davis said he used Ninja Phone to get 16 Billy Joel tickets the moment he heard they went on sale Monday. “I’m stoked, Ninja Phone allowed me to beat out the competition, and now I have a bunch of extra tickets to sell for a crazy markup online,” Davis said. “This thing already paid for itself and then some,” he remarked, winking. “I bet most of the ticket holders have Ninja Phone, or work at Paramount.”

Ninja Phone is just $157 per year and available through the SLICE Wireless website.

Currently, the $79.50-$150 Billy Joel tickets are going for $550 on the secondary market.

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