Top 5 Shocking Moments on Revenge

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Can’t wait until Monday for the Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap? Here’s a snack to hold you over…

Last week, we went over the Top 5 Plotlines Dropped from Revenge Season 2. This week’s Revenge Top 5 looks at the show’s most effective, stunning moments/reveals.

5. Charlotte learns she is David’s daughter
Looking back, it should have been easy to see this one coming, but when Emily learned that a Grayson shared her blood she was forced to change her plans, for better or worse. The ripple effects of Charlotte’s biological father can still be felt today, with her view of her parents permanently damaged, her involvement with Amanda’s baby and her constant bad attitude.

4. Amanda kills Frank Stevens as he learns the truth about Emily
If there were any questions about the type of character Emily’s best friend/fellow identity-switcher Amanda would be, they were answered when the dangerous, angry young woman—clad in her stripper attire—conked Frank Stevens over the head repeatedly as he tried phoning Victoria to warn her about Emily. Her stunning debut solidified her presence on the show, which led to…

3. Amanda returns to the Hamptons…pregnant!
During the powerful Season One finale, Emily prepared to come clean to true love Jack about her real identity and reason for returning to the Hamptons. Unfortunately, Amanda returned to town. Very, very pregnant. Viewers were left to wonder if the baby was actually Jack’s or not, and some even speculated she was faking the pregnancy altogether.

2. Emily and Nolan discover that her mother is alive
The actual story may have ended up as one of the show’s biggest disappointments, but the Season One cliffhanger left viewers stunned. There was nary a mention of Em’s mother up until this moment, and the summer-long casting buzz had viewers on the edge of their seats.

1. Emily to Jack: “I’m Amanda Clarke!”
After a sophomore season of shady organizations, dull and annoying peripheral characters stealing the spotlight and ridiculous Alias-lite action sequences, the season two finale somehow regained its footing and ended with a boffo cliffhanger—Emily telling Jack the truth about her identity to stop him from shooting Conrad. The game-changer has carried into Season 3, as Jack basically hates Emily, while Emily’s guilt over the pain she’s caused him and his family (what’s left of it) has led her to question her own actions.

What’s your favorite shocking moment from Revenge? Let the world know in the comments below!

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