Top 5 Victoria Grayson Moments on Revenge

Victoria Grayson Poor Girl Quote Meme Revenge Top 5
Victoria Grayson always has a smile for her Hamptons neighbors...

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our Top 5 favorite moments for each character on Revenge. We’ll start with the mean queen of the Hamptons herself, Victoria Grayson

5. Victoria inadvertently pushes Amanda off a second-story parapet onto the hard marble floor below. This scene was one of the show’s campiest, with the slow-motion effect of Amanda (clearly a doll or mannequin) going over the rail and landing perfectly positioned on the floor. You’d think nearly killing the (supposed) daughter of the love of her life would knock some sense into her, but Vic brushed herself off and continued scheming.

4. Victoria has Lydia escorted out of the art auction after learning of her affair with Conrad. At the climax of the first episode, all of Southampton watched as Victoria humiliated Lydia and had security remove her from the kick-off event of the summer. Lydia would be back, of course, but Victoria’s penchant for cruelty was revealed in wicked fashion.

3. Victoria takes down her mother over Thanksgiving dinner. Sitting down with her mother, Marion, and her mother’s new beau, Victoria told the story of how the gold-digging mommy dearest committed murder, blamed Victoria and continued to try and scam her way to fortune. Marion’s new lover stormed out in disgust, and Marion left in shame. The big twist: Victoria and Conrad had orchestrated the entire thing, including hiring an actor to romance Marion in order to take her down at dinner.

2. Victoria is briefly brought back down to Earth when she learns of Declan’s death. After being confronted by a gun-toting Jack and learning of his younger brother’s death following an explosion orchestrated by Conrad, Victoria sincerely apologized as she broke down and told Jack to go ahead and shoot her. One of the few vulnerable moments we’ve seen from Victoria, this unexpectedly poignant scene resonated.

1. “Goodbye, Emily. Best of luck on your next endeavor.” Always one to get the final word, Victoria visited Emily for some closure after her breakup with Daniel. Emily attempted to return her unopened engagement gift, but Victoria insisted she open it. An embarrassed Emily opened the lovely box to find nothing, and Victoria politely told her that “nothing” was what she knew would come of Em’s relationship with her son. Sting…


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