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What if Revenge Was a Sitcom Like Friends?

Earlier today Revenge star Gabriel Mann tweeted the funniest video yet to parody the Hamptons-based primetime soap.

Posted on YouTube by Failuresville, “What if Revenge was a sitcom like Friends?” features a fantastic opening montage using the logo and soundtrack from NBC’s classic situation comedy Friends, and then follows with a scene from ABC’s recent Revenge Season 3, Episode 4 “Mercy,” set to a laugh track. The result is brilliant.

It also does a great job showcasing the wonderful melodrama that makes Revenge so fun to watch. If you need some context for this scene, the mostly villainous Grayson family has gathered in their Southampton living room, when father Conrad announces that he does not have Huntington’s disease, an illness he had supposedly been suffering from in the hospital for weeks. He says the misdiagnosis and the meds he was taking caused him to have symptoms, but the truth is (unbeknownst to all in the room but the culprit herself), Daniel Grayson’s fiancee and the show’s protaganista (new word!) Emily Thorne had been drugging him for weeks. You’d think someone would notice that strange things happen to the Graysons every summer around the same time…

Watch all the fun below. If only it had a few “Rachel” haircuts, patterned vests and high-waisted jeans…

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