A Not Trivial Win at Townline BBQ

Victory selfie: Thursday Nite AA is tops once again.
Victory selfie: Thursday Nite AA is tops once again.

Coming off last week’s Trivia Night victory, we were all nervous for this week.

Would our rivals, My Dixie Wrecked, be more competitive than ever after our win? Would there be a topic that none of us have any knowledge of? Would Kelly show up? As usual, the topics were varied, and there were some questions that genuinely stumped us, but the final Trivia Night of 2013 proved to be incredibly successful for Thursday Nite AA (that’s us!).

Stacy was away for the week, so our friend Allison filled in. The first round was called “The Year That Was,” all about things that happened in 2013. We did well, but incorrectly guessed that “twerking” was the most Googled search term — the correct answer was (sadly) Paul Walker. We also missed the top album of the year, Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, but did well enough to land in 2nd place. The next round, “How Do You Kill A Book? You Break Its Spine!” had some challenging questions, but well-read teammate Dan Koontz was on the job. Things began to fall apart during “Yer Yella,” a round about blondes, incorrectly guessing that Barbara Walters was a White House aide during the Nixon administration (it was Diane Sawyer—Allison tried her best to convince us!) and being totally stumped on various other obscure blonde references. We bombed that round.

We thought we’d be OK during the “Sports” round—Kelly showed up—but the questions were tough and we only got four right! Just when we thought all was lost, the activity round saved us. “Familiar Faces” tasked us with identifying characters from The Simpsons based on snippets of their heads, and we got all 16 right (even if we did almost identify Chief Wiggum as Spider-Pig). We also won the activity round’s gift card by being the first team to turn in a sheet with all the correct answers. The audio round, “Joey’s Home Theatre,” was filled with movie quotes chosen by bartender Joey, and the combined film geekery of the team helped us get every question right, securing our victory for the evening. My Dixie Wrecked and Hippies Smell tied for second, with Dixie winning the tiebreaker. Good game, guys!

With our second win a row, the team is riding high right now. But we can’t get cocky—this is usually the part of the sports movie where the team falls apart due to arrogance and complacency. So we’ll be studying hard for next week’s game, the first of 2014!

Kelly Laffey display's proof of our second victory.
Kelly Laffey displays proof of our second victory.

Townline BBQ Trivia Night starts at 7 p.m. each Thursday. For a team of five, the entry fee is $50. In addition to cash awards for the top three teams, those that win the second round or fourth round earn a $15 Townline gift card each. Townline BBQ is located at the corner of Montauk Highway and Townline Road in Sagaponack.

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