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Hamptons Spelling and Grammar: Wainscott, Not Wainscot

Wainscot is wood paneling. Wainscott is a hamlet on the western border of East Hampton Town.

The term “wainscot” originally only applied to high quality riven oak boards. The hamlet “Wainscott” is named after a small village in Kent county in southeast England. The village’s name is speculated to have derived from “wagonner cot,” or wagon shed.

INCORRECT: I have wainscoting in my kitchen at my house in Wainscot.
CORRECT: I have wainscoting in my kitchen at my house in Wainscott.

The name of the hamlet is pronounced like “Wayne Scott,” or more accurately, “Wayne’s cot.” However, often you may hear someone say “Wayne sket” or “Wayne skit.”

Click the blue play button to listen to the pronunciation.

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