Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Enchantment for Finding What Is Lost

Find what is lost in your dreams
Find what is lost in your dreams, Photo: Florin Gorgan

An enchantment is an active prayer.

You raise the vibration of your intention through writing, visualization, affirmations or performing a ritual. It provides a way to gather energy in order to help you achieve your goals. This is a dream enchantment that can bring a message about finding the location of a lost person, object or pet.  It can also bring insight to your conscious mind if you are considering a move or a new place to live.

Before you go to sleep, have a piece of paper and a blue pen nearby, as well as a glass of water. Think about your question as clearly as you can. On the piece of paper, briefly explain what you need to have answered in your dream. Place the paper under your pillow and drink half the glass of water.

Say this prayer:

I pray to the Moon
I pray to the Ground
A location for me
Shall soon be found.

Go to sleep.

Upon awakening, drink the other half of the glass of water and record your dream or any fragment of it.  A message about your question should be revealed.

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