Revenge Season 2 – Reimagined

Revenge Season 2 Aiden Meme
In Lee Meyer's Revenge Season 2, Aiden is Conrad Grayson's son

With Revenge Season 3 on winter break until January 5, we don’t have a Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap, so I decided to have a little fun with Season 2 instead.

Revenge is a fun, addictive show, but (like any entertainment) has had some moments that we all expected to turn out differently or more exciting. During the mediocre Season 2, I dreamed up my own ideas for where the show could have gone. Keep in mind this little trip into fan fiction is all for fun and based on rumors and speculation from spoilers and interviews.

Listen closely, Revenge writers…

Revenge Season 2 – What Actually Happens: Emily returns to the Hamptons from Japan with Aiden, a man she met while studying at “revenge school” with Takeda. While searching for her mother, Kara, she discovers that, years earlier, Victoria — who was not killed in the plane crash that she and Lydia were supposed to have perished in — planned to have Kara killed, but hitman Gordon Murphy took the mentally unstable woman and married her instead.

Victoria returns from seclusion and she and Conrad become embroiled in a conspiracy spearheaded by the Initiative, a domestic terrorist group specializing in causing disasters that they then “fix” for billions of dollars. Kara returns to the Hamptons and torments the Graysons after a very pregnant “Amanda” (or Fauxmanda, as we call her), who Kara believes is her long lost daughter, falls from the second story parapet of Grayson manor and is almost killed.

Kara eventually leaves town after her faux granddaughter is born (and after trying to kill Victoria and Conrad) without ever discovering the truth about Emily, her real daughter.

Nolan hires a new CFO, Padma Lahari, and falls in love with her, but their romance is short-lived when the Initiative kidnaps her, blackmails her into framing him for David Clarke’s crimes and murders her.

Daniel and Ashley become a couple but break up when Victoria discovers (thanks to Emily) that Ashley had an affair with Conrad. Daniel starts dating Emily again and proposes to her. Aiden becomes instant enemies with Daniel. Jack and Declan are targeted by the Ryan brothers, who want revenge on them for an incident that occurred between their fathers years earlier.

Jack and Amanda marry, but are attacked on Jack’s boat “The Amanda.” Emily saves Jack but Amanda is killed in an explosion. Jack vows revenge on Conrad, who is revealed to have been helping the Ryans. Declan and Charlotte get back together and Charlotte learns she’s pregnant. Conrad discovers that Jack knows too much about him and plans to have him killed in an explosion in Manhattan, but Declan is the victim instead. Conrad, who turns out to be behind the Initiative, runs for Governor, and Jack plans to kill him, but Emily stops him by admitting she’s really Amanda Clarke.

Get all that? Here’s my idea for the beginning of a much different second season:

Revenge Photo Album Amanda
A photo from the Revenge family album…

What we would have done: Emily returns to the Hamptons after spending the summer in London, where she met and (intentionally) romanced Aiden (still played by Barry Sloane), Conrad’s first son from an earlier marriage.

Victoria is revealed to be alive when she contacts Charlotte and explains that Conrad tried to have her killed. To stop Charlotte from talking, Conrad sends his daughter off to boarding school. Declan leaves town to be with her. Victoria is incensed to find that Emily is meddling in their family again, but Conrad doesn’t get why Victoria cares…until we learn that Vic and Aiden are sleeping together.

Daniel and Ashley are engaged to be married, but Emily discovers that Ashley’s been carrying on an affair with Conrad for more than a year! Ems uses the information to blackmail Ashley into being her mole. Meanwhile, Jack feels emotionally forced into marrying Amanda, who tells Emily that the baby’s not actually Jack’s. Emily, still carrying a torch for Jack, is torn between continuing her plan to marry Aiden Grayson or exposing Amanda and being with Jack.

Nolan, meanwhile, has an affair with a sexy IT guy from his company who becomes his “partner in crime.” Emily locates her mother, Kara, who is quickly shown to be severely bipolar. Kara wants to be in Amanda’s life and Amanda struggles with all the lies. Realizing that Jack doesn’t love Amanda, Kara helps her “daughter” scheme to keep him, planning a shotgun wedding before the baby is born. Their wedding date just so happens to be the same date as Daniel and Ashley’s wedding, which is when Emily plans her ultimate takedown of the Graysons…

What do you guys think? Sound a little more like Revenge to you? Tell us your ideal Revenge Season 2 rewrites in the comments below!

Catch up on Revenge Season 3 before the show returns in its new 10 p.m. timeslot on Sunday, January 6!

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