Top 5 Charlotte Grayson Moments on Revenge

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Charlotte Grayson, Photo: ABC

We may rag on Charlotte Grayson on Revenge, but the vapid Hamptons debutante has had some memorable moments over three seasons. Here are our top five Charlotte moments…

5. Charlotte Meets Declan. As annoying as the couple was, Charlotte and her gal pals slumming it at the Stowaway and meeting Declan was a pivotal moment that instantly connected the Graysons to the Porters. Later in the episode, when Charlotte and Victoria ran into a skateboarding Declan in town, it became clear that this wouldn’t end well.

4. Charlotte changes her last name. After being ignored on her birthday (Conrad cut a check, noting, “Don’t spend it all in 10 places, sweetie!”), Charlotte decided it was time for a change. Later that evening, when the fam finally got her a cake (after killing and burying Helen Crowley, unbeknownst to the birthday girl), she cheerfully announced that she’d changed her name to Charlotte Clarke. Sting.

3. Victoria and Charlotte visit David Clarke’s grave. The mother and daughter’s troubled relationship made some progress when Victoria took Charlotte to her biological father’s grave and told her how in love they were. It was a rare quiet moment between these histrionic women, and one that had a lasting effect on Charlotte.

2. Charlotte overdoses on pills after hearing Victoria’s plane exploded. The first season finale was literally explosive, with Conrad blowing up the airplane Victoria and Lydia were supposedly on. When Charlotte saw the news on her TV screen, she called Declan, who shut her down. A moment later, Conrad opened her door to find his favorite child passed out with a handful of pills falling from her hand. She didn’t die, but it was a good cliffhanger nonetheless.

1. Charlotte learns she’s David Clarke’s daughter. This was the big one. Jack stormed in on a family dinner to confront the Graysons about their treatment of Fauxmanda, and things escalated to the point of Conrad announcing that Charlotte was David’s daughter. This stunner shattered the family, with Daniel realizing his mother was a cold liar, Charlotte beginning to take drugs and Conrad and Victoria’s marriage crumbling.

What are your favorite Charlotte moments? Let us know in the comments below!


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