Monopoly Rules Changes: 10 ‘House Rules’ for the Hamptons

The Townopoly Game of Southampton and Hampton Bays.
The Townopoly Game of Southampton and Hampton Bays.

Hasbro, the current owner of the Monopoly board game, is encouraging players this week to debate a number of fan-favorite “house rules” that may be added to the official game rules.

Some of the house rules on the ballot are popular around the country—such as not being able to collect rent while in jail, and collecting $400 instead of $200 when you land exactly on GO—but here in the Hamptons, we have house rules that are very specific to our area.

1. In order to land on Free Parking, you must circle the board at least three times first.

2. From May through the end of August, rent is tripled. On holiday weekends during that period, rent is multiplied by 10.

3. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day—due to increased traffic—you may only use one die when rolling to move around the board.

4. In order to remove four houses from the board to put up a hotel, pay an additional $200 (for each house) for demolition permits.

5. Houses may not be replaced by hotels if located in the historic district. (The fourth quadrant of the board.)

6. Hotels may be reclassified as condos with a variance from the zoning board of appeals.

7. Actual born and bred locals never have to go to jail.

8. When purchasing houses, any licensed real estate brokers playing with you get a 4% commission.

9. During any real estate transaction, pay an additional 2% tax to the Community Preservation Fund. (The first $250 of the transaction is tax-exempt.)

10. The “Luxury Tax” is $750 rather than $75.

What Hamptons house rules do you suggest for Monopoly? Comment below.

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