Montauk Brewing Company Cans Are Here

Montauk Driftwood Ale cans
Montauk Driftwood Ale cans have arrived. Photo credit: Courtesy Montauk Brewing Company

Montauk Brewing Company canned beer has arrived on the East End, the microbrewery’s first packaged product besides draft kegs.

For their first cans, which will hit shelves next week, the founders picked their Driftwood Ale brew, a year-round staple at their Montauk tasting room.

The brewing company is working with Boening Brothers in Lindenhurst to get the cans into grocery and convenience stores and beer distributors from as far east as Montauk and as far west as Bell Boulevard in Queens, according to co-founder and brewer Vaughan Cutillo. He said they will also begin distributing at restaurants that don’t offer tap beer.

The beer is being canned in Westminster, Massachusetts, where it is being brewed until Montauk Brewing Company’s planned brewery in Montauk is up and running.

The first run of canned Driftwood Ale is expected to be 4,000 six-packs. The pricing will be competitive with other craft beers, about $9 or $10, Cutillo said.

They opted for cans over bottles for a number of reasons, Cutillo said. Canned beer stays fresh on shelves longer because no light and UV rays get through, unlike bottles. Cans also have a “fun factor” and are tailored to the East End environment, he said—people prefer to bring cans, rather than glass, to the beach or on boats.

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