Christopher Walken in the Hamptons Films ‘When I Live My Life Over Again’ at The Bentley

Christopher Walken.
Christopher Walken. Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Guess who a Dan’s Papers staffer spotted while sending his kids off to school at the bus stop this morning: It was Christopher Walken, on location for a new film. (Video below, by Dennis Rodriguez.)

Walken was on the second-story balcony of The Bentley, a Southampton motel. However, for the purposes of the film, titled When I Live My Life Over Again, the motel has been rebranded The SeaBreeze. Walken is playing retired crooner Paul Lombard, who has a complicated relationship with his daughter.

The plot synopsis: “Jude’s life in New York City is going nowhere. Her career is a joke, her love life is in shambles, and she is having an affair with a married man who also happens to be her analyst. With little else to do, June retreats to the Hamptons, where her father Paul Lombard, legendary crooner of romantic ballads and timeless icon, is gearing up to make his big comeback. But for Jude, returning home for the first time in ages means facing her workaholic sister, her sister’s husband (for whom she still carries a torch), Paul’s intolerable fifth wife and worst of all—her father.”

On Monday of last week, Walken and the film crew were at Temple Israel in Riverhead, and then that Wednesday the crew was filming an actor on Coopers Beach. The film also stars Amber Heard and filmed in East Hampton as well.

The Bentley as Seabreeze Motel
The Bentley as Seabreeze Motel

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