Hamptons Spelling and Grammar: Bay Street Theater Adopts New Spelling

Bay Street Theater (inset) is now Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor
Bay Street Theater (inset) is now Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor
Barbara Lassen / Brendan J. O’Reilly (inset)

After being known for more than two decades as “Bay Street Theatre,” Sag Harbor’s nonprofit professional theatrical venue has quietly changed the spelling of its name.

From here on out, it will be known as Bay Street Theater.

There is a popular notion that “theater” refers to a building, while “theatre” refers to the concept. This is false. “Theater” is simply the American spelling, while “theatre” is the British spelling. However, when it is part of an official name, writers should always observe an establishment or troupe’s preferred spelling.

Both forms are seen on the East End. For instance, Riverhead has the Suffolk Theater, Quogue has the Hampton Theatre Company and East Hampton has Round Table Theatre Co.

It is hard to keep track of who uses which spelling, and it will take some time before we get used to Bay Street’s new spelling. So stick a Post-it note next to your computer until you have it memorized.

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