Geeks Rejoice! Hamptons Comic Book Show Takes Flight in Southampton

Find Golden Age goodness at the Hamptons Comic Show!
Find Golden Age goodness at the Hamptons Comic Show!

In terms of purchasing comic books, the Hamptons has long been a barren wasteland, devoid of almost any printed super-heroics (except for a few scattered titles at The Ideal in Sag Harbor and graphic novels at BookHampton stores), but for one day this weekend, all that is about to change.

On Saturday, May 17, the first ever Hamptons Comic Book Show is making up for lost time at 230 Elm in Southampton with comics, collectibles, cosplay, contests and more!

From 10 a.m.–4 p.m., around 15 comic book and collectible vendors from around Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area will make piles of comic books, graphic novels, action figures, anime, manga books, trading cards, games and more available all in one convenient place. Visitors will also enjoy cartoons airing throughout the day, trivia and costume contests (not to mention a “Sound Like a Super Villain” contest), special comics industry guests, authors, entertainers and a general sense of fellowship among likeminded fans of all things super, sci-fi and fantastical.

Moonbase cosplayer Steampunk Cylon John D'Antonio as Trapster
Moonbase cosplayer Steampunk Cylon John D’Antonio as Trapster, Photo: Moonbase

The brainchild of Shinnecock Hills software engineer and comic collector Pat O’Connor, the Hamptons Comic Book Show is the result of a perfect storm of inspiration, opportunity and an undying love of comic books.

“This whole project materialized from a convergence of multiple events — political motivations to do something for my community, satisfying recent state regulations concerning my day job, and giving several friends in comic book industry an excuse to finally visit me,” O’Connor says.

As for those state regulations, O’Connor explains that he recently had to get a NY State tax ID number for his independent computer work. He realized that ID could also be used to sell his comics at comic shows and conventions, but with tables costing more than $200 at these events, O’Connor found he could rent an entire venue for not a whole lot more. “This turned the lightbulb on in my head,” he says, noting that he has friends in the comics business, including many of the guests and vendors appearing at the Hamptons Comic Book Show, and this was a great excuse to get everyone together.

After coming up with the initial idea, O’Connor says he’s had lots of help organizing Saturday’s big event. “This is the first time around,” he adds, noting that he got a late start promoting the show, but friends (such as Linda and Joseph Walsh) have been helping him canvas the Twin Forks with flyers, as well as various stores between the Brookhaven border and East River, and some friendly spots west of Hudson River.

While making money is always nice, O’Connor says his ultimate goal is to create a fun event for the community and area comic fans. More than earning a particular dollar amount, he hopes only to have enough success to do this again.

Doors open for the Hamptons Comic Book Show at 10 a.m. on Saturday at 230 Elm (230 Elm Street) in Southampton, right near the LIRR train station. The Super Villain Voice Contest begins at 11:30 a.m., followed by the trivia contest at 1 p.m. and a costume contest at 2:30 p.m. (if enough people come dressed for it). Among the esteemed guests are original Vampirella artist Louis Small Jr., Dan Sehn of Argo Comics, cosplayer ECHO Endless and the costume gang from Moonbase, along with a number of others.

Doors close at 4 p.m. and tickets are $5.

Visit for a complete list of vendors and guests.

Cosplayer ECHO Endless as She-Hulk
Cosplayer ECHO Endless as She-Hulk, Photo: Future Photography by M3

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