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Dash Opens in Southampton, Kardashians Rumored to Be Koming Tuesday

The Kardashians’ Dash pop-up boutique opened for business in Southampton Village on Monday, but its famous proprietors have yet to appear there.

Both the store and the alley leading to it have been clearly marked with Dash signage, and the scene, though relatively subdued on Monday afternoon, was heating up outside the 64 Jobs Lane shop. Along with an occasional shopper or curious onlooker, several unassuming paparazzi had set up camp on the sidewalk in anticipation of their celebrity quarry, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. The sisters and store owners are rumored to begin filming scenes for their E! reality series Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons at the Southampton shop some time on Tuesday.

But Dash’s large staff (for such a small store) is already hard at work setting up shop, and the girls could be seen prepping inside, as well as at a picnic table outside.

The alley where Dash is located is pushed back well behind the primary Jobs Lane storefronts, and it’s private property, so paparazzi and gawkers can be legally relegated to the sidewalk during filming.

Photographers have not been permitted to shoot inside the store.

Southampton was quiet on Monday, but if the Kardashians do begin filming on Tuesday, locals and tourists can expect a very different scene in the Village.

The front window of the Kardashians' Dash pop-up in Southampton
The front window of the Kardashians’ Dash pop-up in Southampton, Photo: Oliver Peterson
The sign for the Kardashians' Dash pop-up off Jobs Lane in Southampton
The sign for the Kardashians’ Dash pop-up off Jobs Lane in Southampton, Photo: Oliver Peterson
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