Suffolk Puppy Mill Bill Goes Up for Vote Tuesday

puppy mill
Barbara Helgason/iStock/Thinkstock

Suffolk County legislators will hold a final public hearing and vote on the proposed Suffolk County Puppy Mill Bill on Tuesday, June 3.

If passed, Suffolk County will become the first municipality to regulate sale of puppy mill dogs under a January 2014 New York State law.

Legislators Jay Schneiderman and William Spencer proposed the bill that is similar to legislation passed in more than 40 cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix. The legislators will hold a press conference meeting with members of animal advocacy groups and pet stores in support of the bill.

Pamela Green, the executive director of Kent Animal Shelter, also serves on Schneiderman’s subcommittee for the bill. She said animals in puppy mills often have severe health issues that carry through their offspring. Green said it is important that this bill is passed to prevent the continuation of the mills.

“Such legislation is part of a growing consciousness about the inhumane treatment of pets in puppy mills,” she said.


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