Hilaria Baldwin Throws Down Yoga Posture Gauntlet

Oliver recreates Hilaria's Earth Day savasana
Oliver recreates Hilaria's Earth Day savasana, Photos: @danspapers, @hilariabaldwin on Instagram

Following our recent recreation of her “adho mukha vrksasana” handstand—with pitch-perfect accuracy—DansPapers.com’s favorite Instagram yogi Hilaria Baldwin has issued a direct challenge to our in-house yoga master Oliver Peterson (@oliversees on Instagram).

Hilaria responded almost immediately and issued a challenge moments after Oliver proved the ease and simplicity of her “yoga posture of the day” from two weeks prior and posted it on @danspapers. “I want you to recreate all of them… In costume,” the flexible new mom wrote, along with posting a side-by-side of the two images (as seen at bottom of post).

Well, Hilaria, we’re up to the task!

Over time we will recreate, or swede (a la Be Kind Rewind), all of Hilaria’s daily yoga postures of the day—or at least as many as we can—starting with the two poses posted on this blog. Yes, they’re a bit easier than a lot of what she posted, but Oliver injured his knee, coincidentally around the time he mastered Hilaria’s handstand, so he needed some time to mend. In May we also recreated her St. Patrick’s Day yoga posture in Bridgehampton.

Here you’ll see Oliver recreating Hilaria’s Earth Day savasana (above) and her dolphin plank (below) with what we believe is Lorne Michaels’ Emmy Award. Since all our Emmys are at home in boxes, we used a scale prototype of our giant “Walking Dan” sculpture instead.

So, who did it better, Oliver or Hilaria?

Oliver recreates Hilaria's dolphin plank
Oliver recreates Hilaria’s dolphin plank, Photos: @danspapers, @hilariabaldwin on Instagram

What’s next you ask?

You’ll have to wait and see, but we can tell you that Oliver’s prepared some sweet cutoffs and a wrench for the shot. Keep an eye out for new additions to the Dan’s Yoga Posture of the Day (#DansYPD) collection by following @danspapers on Instagram. And make sure to follow Hilaria Baldwin’s always excellent daily poses at @hilariabaldwin on Instagram (even if ours are better).

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