Mysterious Hamptons Art Signs Traced to Out of the Closet Vintage

A piece by Michael R. Zotos, displayed on a utility pole in Bridgehampton.

Have you noticed all the artwork posted recently on utility poles around the Hamptons and wondered who put it there and what the purpose is?

Mystery solved!

These pieces of art resemble faces, aliens, and even an octopus with a flower coming out of its head. They may seem to be leading to one place, but they are actually found all over while headed in various directions.

Three are noticible on County Road 39 heading east, and one is posted while westbound where 39 becomes Route 27. There are several on Montauk Highway westbound in Sagaponack, and a number are posted around Water Mill and Bridgehampton.

Then, in front of Out of the Closet Vintage in Water Mill, a rather large work, which sticks in the ground, is displayed. Another is by the front door.

Owner Lucille Martin explains that the art is by Michael R. Zotos. He has posted works throughout the Hamptons to raise his profile, and in hopes that people will see them at Out of the Closet and maybe buy one. The works are all one-of-a-kind, fun and whimsical, Martin says.

In a video, Zotos explains how each of his unique pieces come to be.

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When you spot a Zotos, share a photo with us over Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #danspapers. (Don’t try to take photos while driving!)

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