Two Polls: Sex on the Beach and Sexting in the Hamptons

Sexting on the Beach
Have you sexted in the Hamptons? Photos: AntonioGuillem, Tomaz Levstek/iStock/Thinkstock

As summer drew ever closer in late April, we posed the question to our readers, “Have You Had Sex on the Beach in the Hamptons?” We provided a confidential poll that allowed the reader to answer Yes or No. We promised to release the results this summer.

Often, these type of questions are a little too personal for most people and few participate, but this was not the case with Dan’s readers. In fact, we had an overwhelming number of responses to the survey. There were also some comments that exposed the wild side of more than a few of our readers. The results surprised us, given the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, it is illegal to actually have sex on the beach (unless you own your own private beach, out of the viewing range of others). Then again, as one of our Dan’s contributors waxed, “Seagulls do it at the beach, so why can’t people?”

After the final tally, the results are in. Drumroll please…

To date, a whopping 83 percent of respondents said that they indeed have had sex on the beach in the Hamptons. (See poll here)

These results got us thinking, “What percentage of Dan’s readers (adults only please) have sexted while in the Hamptons?”

Julianne Pepitone, who is a senior technology writer for NBC News Digital, reported in February that, “A new study shows more than half of adults have sent or received…ahem, intimate content on their mobile devices.”

Before our “Sex on the Beach” survey, we figured the number of adults sexting in the Hamptons would be lower than the national average. Now we have to wonder.

An argument could be made that when you are wearing a bikini or swim trunks, it’s a lot easier to snap a quick photo than if, say, you were living in Alaska and dressed in four layers of sweaters and pants. Add alcohol to the mix and the likelihood of sexting undoubtedly increases. And let’s not forget that people on vacation tend to act a little more impulsive and irresponsible than they would at home.

So, if you are an adult, let us know if you have sexted while living in or visiting the Hamptons by taking our confidential poll below. We will share the results at a later date.

[poll id=”14″]

Note: If you are contemplating sexting in the Hamptons, it would be wise to remember that once you press “send,” the content of that sext is forever out of your control. May I also remind you what happened to former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who now has to live with the aftermath of “Weinergate” (which was everything the name implies).

And let’s not forget the bad message sends to our youth.

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