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Hamptons Celebrities Take On the Ice Bucket Challenge

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the nation, celebrities in the Hamptons are accepting the challenge:

Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon was nominated by Justin Timberlake. Fallon completed the challenge on The Tonight Show:

In return, Fallon challenged the New York Jets, who gladly accepted. They completed the challenge with a firetruck hose.

Fallon also brought Hamptons visitor and Long Island local Lindsay Lohan to The Tonight Show by fan request. She accepted the challenge:

Meanwhile, another chain of Hamptons Ice Bucket Challenges has also been going on. Hamptonite Matt Lauer was doused on The Today Show:

He challenged East Hampton’s Martha Stewart:

Martha then challenged Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow was also challenged by fitness celebrity Tracy Anderson, a frequent summer visitor, and Chef Jose Andres.


Paltrow challenged separated husband Chris Martin of Coldplay, Amagansett’s Stella McCartney, and Cameron Diaz, who filmed The Other Woman here in the Hamptons.

Martin and McCartney did it together:

Outside of this chain, two other Hamptonites have been spotted doing the Ice Bucket Challenge: Bethenny Frankeland Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, who completed the challenge in her Hamptons home.

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