Real Estate Roundtable: Best Advice for Buyers Now

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Few things are as valuable as great real estate advice—particularly when it comes from within one of the most valuable real estate markets in the world.

What’s the single piece of advice you’d give any prospective buyer right now?

“Be ready to move fast if you find the one—no hanging around going on a couple of dates over a month—if you like it put a ring on it! Submit an offer and start negotiations. Have your mortgage approval in place. We can recommend local attorneys, contractors or other professionals you may need and are here to assist you in making the deal happen.”—Maz Crotty, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Nest Seekers International

“The single piece of advice I give any prospective buyer right now is to have their financial ducks in order. Obviously, cash is best. But if the buyer is financing a home, by all means, they should have pre-approval and a letter from the bank stating their financial limits.”—John Christopher, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Brown Harris Stevens of the Hamptons, LLC

“Look under the cover of what you are buying. Too often, residential purchasers shop with emotion instead of evaluating all of the facts prior to closing. A buyer needs to understand both what a property offers today and what it can become in the future. Additionally, buyers need to think about the risks associated with the property.

To illustrate, a wooded property abutting an undeveloped parcel may not seem as private and pristine after the trees come down when the abutting parcel is developed. It’s important that buyers ask the right questions. More so, it’s imperative that the buyer’s broker and attorney help them to know what questions to ask.”—Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH, Lieb at Law, P.C.

“I inform my clients that now is the time to be an active buyer. I believe that prices are still in the value category and if the home is fairly priced they shouldn’t hesitate. I am seeing multiple bids at the high end and in some cases homes trading above the asking prices.”—Alan Schnurman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Saunders & Associates

“The market is exciting—we are a luxury, not a necessity, the buyers can continue to rent…we’re a second home market, no one needs a second home, they want another home.”—Lynn November, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Douglas Elliman Real Estate 

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