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Keep Fit: On Life, and How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs

A few weeks ago, I was inclined to take one of those quizzes that had appeared on my Facebook feed: “What career were you meant for?”

My friend who was working as a physical therapist got “therapist.” Another who had majored in engineering got “engineering.”

I was intrigued, especially because the questions seemed so random. Among them was how much you value personal hygiene. (I answered “I think it’s important but not always.” Before you judge, consider that another option was “I don’t really know what that is.” Of course I value being clean, but my showering schedule is based on when I run.)

I nervously waited for my results. I wanted my answers to validate what I am doing right now—but it also would have been pretty cool if I was told “astronaut.” Would I have moved to NASA’s headquarters in Washington DC? Maybe…

I got writer. Score. The quiz result came at the perfect time—right before my 26th birthday. As tends to happen on birthdays, I was in a reflective mood.

I had a pretty epic celebration that weekend. Before the dancing started, a friend who’s two years younger asked me if each year gets better. I can definitively say yes.

What is one of the most important things I’ve learned, she pried. I’ve realized that it’s OK to still be figuring things out. But, equally as important, I’ve learned a few secrets for making the best scrambled eggs.

This may not sound like a skill, but it’s very satifying to be able to come home and know that a quick and healthy meal is at my disposable. It’s taken a few years to learn how to not burn them, how to not give myself salmonella, and how to make them filling enough to qualify for a post-long-run meal or potentially even dinner. Eggs are high in protein and devoid of carbs. You can also mix them with spaghetti to make the aptly named “eggy spaghetti.” (Obviously, this puts the carbs back in.)

And now, my “egg hacks” to make the meal infinitely more satisfying:

1. Buy farm fresh eggs. A good fail-safe method for finding eggs is to simply drive along the backroads of either the North or South Fork. But, for a sure deal, head to One Woman Winery in Southold.

2. Use olive oil, preferably flavored. I’ve been indulging in Vines & Branches blood orange infused olive oil. When I told the Dan’s Papers office about this, they scoffed. Citrus flavors and eggs may not go together at first thought, but when you add the pepper jack cheese and salsa, it helps to mitigate the bite. When coating the pan in olive oil, use more than you think you need.

3. Use a ton of veggies. Cut them into bite-sized pieces. I always use tomatoes and green onions, but I love throwing in avocados.

4. Scramble the eggs with a little milk.

5. Consider using cream cheese. Mentioning this in the office again led to strange glances, but I was first made privy to the cream cheese and egg phenomenon while eating at Sarabeth’s in Chelsea Market. I’ve learned that if you keep the pan hot enough, the cream cheese melts into the eggs.

6. Always top your eggs with salsa.

Yes, it was pretty satisfying when some internet quiz validated that I was meant to be a writer. But there’s also something to be said for instant gratification in the form of a small task, like nailing a delicious recipe for
scrambling eggs.

For those interested in taking the quiz, it’s posted on

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