Flanders to Play Key Role in Post-Apocalyptic Hamptons Survival

Flanders is key in the post-apocalyptic Hamptons
Flanders is key in the post-apocalyptic Hamptons, Photos: Igor Zhuravlov, Nastco, stokkete/iStock/Thinkstock, Gen Horsburgh

As a society, we often overlook those resources, which if given the opportunity, may be revealed as important or necessary. This has never been more evident than in the case of Flanders.

Many of us that live east of this wonderful little hamlet do not really consider it as being part of the Hamptons.

In fact, Flanders is actually part of Southampton, so it has as much right to be included in the Hamptons as anywhere else. According to the CDP, Flanders has a total area of 11.6 square miles with 1.49 percent of that area encompassing water, and the 2010 Census notes that 4,075 people reside there. The Big Duck, located in Flanders, is one of our most recognizable landmarks—some even consider it to be the eighth wonder of the world.

More important than the presence of the tourist-friendly fowl is the fact that highway 24, which runs directly through Flanders, is a major artery leading to the East End.

Because of this, in a post-apocalyptic world, Flanders would play a critical role in preserving life on the East End.

In the case of such an event, survivors from other parts of New York would naturally want to seek refuge in the Hamptons. Our abundance of resources, including bounty from the sea, fertile land, access to waterways and such would make it the obvious choice. And because post-apocalyptic Hamptons residents will already be scrambling to sustain themselves, they will need a plan that will successfully thwart outsiders from entering and overtaking the our end of the Island. It is expected that many of these would-be invaders will seek entry through the Route 24 corridor. This is where Flanders comes in.

To my knowledge the Hamptons has no actual plan that addresses what to do in the case of an Armageddon type scenario. A good start would be recognizing Flanders for its strategic location and potential importance in the case of a need.

Many residents of Flanders are known to be very good with firearms. So if a plan is properly designed and executed, they can mount a militia-style defense to protect the rest of us. They can create a blockade on the highway and turn back the desperate scum-suckers from places like Manhattan and Queens. As an additional precaution, a sniper can be located on top of the Big Duck in case anyone slips through.

We need to start giving respect to this hamlet, as well as investing significant money toward their acquisition of additional guns, grenades, knives, and other arms.

New York currently recognizes 22 forts. Perhaps one day, Fort Flanders will be added to the list?

Note: In the case of a catastrophic event, please refer to Dan’s Papers, the Hamptons # 1 source for post-apocalyptic news and entertainment.

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