Food for Thought: Throwed Rolls, Dump Oysters, Clam Smoothies

Thrown Rolls, Dump Oysters, Clam Smoothie
Thrown Rolls, Dump Oysters or Clam Smoothie? Photos: bonchan, karandaev, IvanMikhaylov, William R. Minten/iStock/Thinkstock

I was recently introduced to a well-known local chef and restaurateur. As he does with many customers he meets, he asked me if I had any new or unique epicurean ideas that he might want to introduce into his upscale East End restaurant. As he said, “Keeping it new and fresh is the recipe for success”. I told him that I was not known for my food expertise, but I would try to come up with a few ideas that might work for him and at the same time enhance the dining experience of his patrons.

With that said, first I would like the opinions of readers on my proposed ideas. They include Throwed Rolls, Dump Oysters and Clam Smoothies.

Throwed Rolls were made famous at Lambert’s Café in Sikeston Missouri. Back in 1976, the owner, Norman Lambert, could not get through the crowd to deliver the rolls and someone yelled out, “Throw the dang thing” and that is how “Throwed Rolls” was born. Since that time, all the rolls have been thrown to the customers. During my visit to Lambert’s, many years ago, I was so excited that I actually caught and ate 5 rolls. It was a unique and exceptional experience that I will never forget. The first restaurant in the Hamptons to start throwing rolls will certainly stand out among the competition.

Dump Oysters are a totally different experience. It involves the waitperson standing over the customer and dumping the pre-shucked oyster directly into their mouth. It is possible this concept was invented when a wealthy entrepreneur named Jay, who at one time had both hands in casts, was in the mood for oysters. I have been told he paid a waitress an extra $5 for each oyster that was shucked and dumped into his mouth. Given the affluence of the area, I would think that any restaurant that eliminates the process of the customer having to transport the oyster from the shell to the mouth would be a welcome experience.

Clam Smoothies are similar to a green drink. I have never actually tasted one but was told by a Southampton “health nut” named Brook, that he drinks them all the time. They are made of pureed seaweed, blended with clam parts. They are topped with a splash of Worcestershire Sauce and served warm in a mason jar. You drink it through a wide body straw. Brook adds, “Clam smoothies would be an excellent appetizer offering. Besides that… the straw is misunderstood and often overlooked as a fine dining utensil”.

Throwed Rolls, Dump Oysters and Clam Smoothies…I believe that if my new acquaintance can introduce these at his restaurant, the response will be amazing. What do you think?

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